Build Infrastructure

Overview of Scibian Build Infrastructure

Scibian build infrastructure

Scibian systems use a combination of Debian and Scibian package repositories. Debian repositories are maintained by the Debian project community. The Scibian packages repositories only contains additional packages or modified packages from the Debian community for the needs of scientific computing.

The sources of the Scibian packages are maintained in Git repositories hosted in the GitHub Scibian organization. The packages are built by a Jenkins instance setup with jenkins-debian-glue plugin. Access to the Scibian Jenkins instance is restricted to members of the GitHub Scibian organization.

A synchronization utility runs periodically to discover the Git repositories and generate the appropriate Jenkins jobs. The actual package builds are triggered manually. If packages builds are successful, Scibian package repositories are updated with new packages.

The Scibian team members push commits directly to the Git repositories of the GitHub Scibian organization. Other contributors are invited to fork these repositories are send pull requests. Please contact us to become a member of the Scibian team!

Find out the technical documentation about this build infrastructure for administration purposes.

!!! note There is also a /repo-ci package repository which is a remainder of Jenkins debian-glue plugin setup. It is not intended to use it in any way.